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“Let Us Deliver Your Marketing Pieces”

At Do Not Mail it, we are 100% sure that you will get a better response rate for your marketing campaign if we hand deliver your marketing materials for your campaign in person versus you mailing your marketing materials.

Statistics show that Direct Mail has lost its effectiveness over the last 5 years.  Many mail carriers are not well trained on the process of “Every Door Direct Mail”.  Many times at most post offices there is only one person who is trained thoroughly on this service.

In addition to the confusion at the Post office, it takes hours of prep time to prepare Every Door Direct Mail bundles to meet the zoning criteria the post office demands.

Due to the high demand the mail carriers are in, the post office has a hard time holding carriers accountable for poor performance on the routes.

Even using “Every Door Direct Mail”, which is the most cost effective mailing program the post office has today, the cost is still .17 per door plus the printing cost.  So if you mail 5,000 Mailers 4 x 6 or even 6 x 9 that would cost   $850 plus Printing cost, average printing cost would be $35 for Design and $199 For the 5,000 flyers and shipping cost of $18.  Total for the 5k campaign would be $850 +199 + $35 + 18 = $1,102.

Compare to our program cost to Design $20, Print 5,000 4 x 6 flyers $150, Delivery $700, No shipping (Houston Market within 35 miles from downtown).  Total cost = $700 + $150+ $20 = $870   that would save you 22% on your campaign and you did not have to waste time prepping the EDDM campaign.   With your savings you could send more pieces or take your savings for other marketing strategies.  To lower your cost, you can find a marketing partner for your campaign, we will deliver up to an 8 ½ x 11 sized marketing piece.


Identify your target marketing area and we will confirm you have enough targets

Order marketing materials from us or supply to us 48 hours before your campaign drop

We will confirm we have delivered all pieces

Reap the benefits of your investment in your campaign, as your phone will ring!!!!

Re order from us again!!!!

Call us today at 832-844-6796 or go to and complete contact form!!!!

All of your pieces will be delivered!!

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